Tuas South Dormitory Advisory To New Tenants

1. Check-in Hours

2. Ensure Your Residents go for Regular COVID-19 Swab Tests

  • When our residents resume work, they will be required to attend Rostered Routine Testing conducted by the Health Promotion Board (HPB). Employers will need to register on the Swab Registration System (SRS) to book swab test appointments for employees. The respective sector agencies will be in touch with employers to share more details on the SRS and how to register. To safeguard the health of other employees at the workplace, employees who fail to fulfil the swab test requirement may not be able to continue working. This will count towards the collective efforts to ensure that dormitory remains COVID-cleared. 
  • With the MOM latest Enhanced Surveillance using Antigen Rapid Test (ART) regime, it is mandatory for our residents to self-administer their ART test and submit their results based on their schedule on the FWMOMCare App. Workers can collect their ART kit upon completing their RRT testing at our dormitory lobby. This test has to be done and supervised by an appointed supervisor in their rooms on their scheduled day. The capability to test and detect COVID cases quickly remains critical to ring-fence any potential infections from wider spread in our dormitory.

3. Workers leaving dormitory for essential services

  • MOM has informed that all workers who wish to leave the dormitory to perform their personal/essential errands such as renewing permits and medical appointments are to submit their request to
  • Foreign Workers with Red Access Code status are not allowed to leave the dormitory at all times, unless the resident needs to attend rostered routine testing appointment.

4. Actions by Workers going to work

When leaving for work and returning to the dormitory, workers are expected to perform the following steps:

  • Scan work pass with SGWorkPass App before exiting the dormitory for work.
    Only Workers with GREEN Access Code status can go out for work.
  • Record their temperature, submit and scan QR Code in the room twice daily via FWMOMCareApp;
  • Ensure their TraceTogether App and Bluetooth are switched on;
  • At the decontamination point (DECON) located at the entrance, sanitize their hands;
  • Go out to work at the designated drop-off venue and time as arranged by the dormitory management to avoid congestion and congregation.

5. New Residents checking in to Tuas South Dormitory

New workers must fulfil the following in order to check into Tuas South Dormitory.

Foreign Workers with Green Access Code and not serving Quarantine Order (QO) / Movement Restriction Order (MRO)

  • Foreign Workers have negative RRT Swab results within the past 14 days;
  • Foreign Workers had already undergone SHN/Isolation outside the
    dormitory and tested negative (e.g. new residents who came from overseas, GQF)
  • Foreign Workers must have been undergoing RRT
  • Please ensure your workers collected Trace Together Token before leaving the dedicated GQF, and necessary registration and arrangements have been done with the dormitory management.

6. Cohorting

  • In order to satisfy the cohort requirements as stipulated by the government, please be advised to group your workers according to sector / project as per advisory from relevant authority such as BCA & MPA.

7. Adhering to Safe Living Measures(SLM)

Residents are to comply with Safe Living Measures: Not wearing masks/ carrying Trace Together Token when outside the room, breaching level segregation measures in the block, or entering other floors / blocks for whatsoever reason, etc.

Any breach will result in a $20 fine or even harsher penalties depending on the number of offences recorded and the severity of the breach.

8. Check-In and Check-Out Restriction

If there is any ad-hoc or special swab operation being carried out or when a positive COVID-19 case is detected in our dormitory, there will be restrictions to the check-in and check-out for the affected block. These restrictions will end when

  • COVID-positive case(s) has been conveyed out of the dormitory and Close contact(s) has been conveyed to external quarantine facilities and cleared their entry swab test.
  • Testing operation completed with results out and cleared.


Thank you!
From the Management of Nexus Point Investments Pte Ltd