Is the dormitory approved?

Tuas South Dormitory is an approved Purpose Built Dormitory (PBD) and it can be found on the List of Approved Housing available on the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) website.

Can I update the worker address to MOM?

You are required to update the residence of your workers accurately in the MOM-OFWAS once your workers have checked in or checked out from any housing or dormitory. When checking into our dormitory, you can key in our dormitory address into the system.

Is cooking allowed at the apartment?

Yes, every unit comes with a kitchen and gas supply. Tenants are allowed to cook in their dormitory units after activating the gas service with our designated supplier.

How many workers are allowed in each room?

Within each block are unit types of 1-Bedroom or 2-Bedroom that are designed to house 12 to 16 persons each. We can also customize to fit to the numbers of beds that you require in each unit.

Can I squeeze total 17 of my workers into one unit of the apartment?

Each unit will accommodate not more than the specified allowed number of workers.

What do you have in each apartment unit?

Each cosy and well-ventilated apartment unit is equipped with living area, yard, bathroom, toilet, bedroom and cooking area.

Which industry sectors can stay at Tuas South Dormitory?

Tuas South Dormitory is catered to ALL industry sectors.

Can we park our lorry in the Tuas South Dormitory?

We have lorry parking space within Tuas South Dormitory for our Tenants. However, parking lots are on a first-come, first-serve basis. You may contact us for more information on the application of parking space.

What is the cost for each apartment unit?

Please send in your enquiry and our Sales Team will get in touch with you.

Can the worker(s) move into the apartment today?

We will require at least 5 working days to process the administrative work and you are required to activate the utilities & gas before your workers can move into the unit. Your kind cooperation is sought to provide us the necessary documents for a faster and hassle-free check-in.

What are the facilities and amenities in Tuas South Dormitory?

For indoor recreational facilities, our dormitory has in place TV rooms, multi-purpose halls, reading rooms and Gym. For outdoor recreational facilities, there are hard courts, basketball courts, fitness corners, and cricket cage. Other facilities and amenities include canteen, minimart, barber shop, kiosk, beer garden and laundry.

What is the contract period? What is the notice period for termination of contract?

Please send in your enquiry and our Sales Team will get in touch with you.

What are the facilities included in the monthly rental?

Workers can enjoy all facilities and amenities within the apartment as well as the indoor and outdoor recreational facilities during their stay with us.

Transportation will be provided?

Transportation is not provided.

How can we make rental payment every month?

Payment of rent can be made via GIRO.

Can the company bring in their own electrical appliances (Eg. fridge, washing machine etc)?

Yes, they are allowed to bring in their own electrical appliances if they activate their utility account with SP Services.

Does the rental include utilities?

The rental does not include utilities. Tenant will have to open an account with SP Services for water & electricity and open a separate account with our designated gas supplier.